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Shitting Glitter
"Slut Buffet (Short Version)"
Free Alongside Ship

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  • 13 July 2020: This month’s new music includes tracks from Nes Cora, Doug Hafford, Mathew Horton, Clark Ford, Silent Stranger, Clide, Paul Louis Vallani, Glen Foster, Rene Miller, Hugh Meadows and Mack Meadows.
  • 2 July 2020: Bear Radio Network celebrates Pride 2020 with new music. Check out our ad in the Western New York Gay & Lesbian Yellow Pages.
  • 9 November 2019: This month BRN features selected tracks from Junk – The Musical (Original Movie Soundtrack). Screenplay and Directed by Michael Penny, Junk stars Tym Moss and Robbie Wayne and is about two gay flea market dealers who are offered the contents of a recently deceased individual’s dilapidated house and find nothing of value but a massive...
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Ripley Caine
"BQue Dance Party"
Works In Progress (Limited Edition)
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Pedro Kominik
"The Angel"
Sexo & Sexo & Sexo
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"The Chubby Guy Song"
Clip-on Nose Ring
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Lost (single)
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