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Deidre McCalla
“Playing For Keeps”
Playing For Keeps
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  • 9 November 2019: This month BRN features selected tracks from Junk – The Musical (Original Movie Soundtrack). Screenplay and Directed by Michael Penny, Junk stars Tym Moss and Robbie Wayne and is about two gay flea market dealers who are offered the contents of a recently deceased individual’s dilapidated house and find nothing of value but a massive...
  • 18 September 2019: Thanks to Wolf Pup on Growlr, for giving me heads up that the website was down… big bear hugs!
  • 1 September 2019: Bear Radio Network welcomes UK based singer/songwriter Gordon Thomson to the playlist with his CD “Eventually”. Lyrical strong catchy songs, which grab you with their rocky and bluesy sound – with a hint of country. Four selected tracks premiere all this month.

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