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Charles Green
“Empty Promises”
Oxygen & Love
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  • 31 August 2014: BRN welcomes QWERTY girls to the playlist with their single “Ask Me Once Again”. The QWERTY girls are Aleathea Monsour (music) and Katy Forde (lyrics and stories). Partners in both life and music, and live in a small hinterland town on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. They have written and produced several musicals together,...
  • 28 August 2014: Tonight on BearPodcast … Kendall Kelly joined Nard and Ray in the show and they talked about his new album, Manifest Destiny. Nard saw Boyhood. Ray talked about upcoming fall movies and Google features you may not have tried before. Are you suffering from Peter Pan Syndrome? That’s 10pm eastern & Pacific on
  • 23 August 2014: Tonight at 10pm (eastern) it is Artists Exposed with Tym Moss and his pal ERNEST KOHL! Tym covers the lifetime career of ERNEST with interviews on his childhood on Broadway to his becoming an International Recording Star…. don’t miss it on!!
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Judith Hanlon
“On My Honor”
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LeRoy Lamb
“What It Feels Like For A Bear”
Buy this CD now! Artist homepage Bear Tracks Two


John Garza Band
“Love is a Four Letter Word”
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Deep Dickollective
“Ghetto Rainbows”
Buy this CD now! Artist homepage On Some Other