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Pop vs. Rap
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  • 21 May 2015: Tonight at 10pm (est & pst) on BearPodcast … Nard just came from BearWatch 16 in Galveston, TX. Ray saw Mad Max: Fury Road. They talked about the cult of daddies, RBG marries gay couple, Star Trek replicators in real life, and a man banned from flying because of his Pinocchio tattoo.
  • 14 May 2015: BearPodcast Tonight @ 10pm (est & pst) Happy Birthday, Ray! We had a special guest for Mother’s Day… Ray’s Mom! She gave advice to all moms who have gay children. Our topics in the show covered American Idol ending, Sense8, an 82-year-old guy on Grindr, a $9 computer, an app that blocks the Kardashians, and...
  • 13 May 2015: Bear Radio welcomes The Artisan Thieves, a six piece band from Salt Lake City that brings an edgy, rock driven, America sound. Their “Journal Box Road Sessions” is lyric driven and comes with a painful, realistic and haunting approach to story telling. Four tracks premier all this month.
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Freddy Freeman
“Pump Up the Bears”
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“Through It All”
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Darren Ockert
“Back For More”
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Blonde Afro
“Spread The Love”
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