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Mary Jennings
Collapse, Collide
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  • 29 July 2016: Bear Radio welcomes Chicago’s Mutts to the playlist … they are a keys/bass/drums trio described as “like Tom Waits fronting a garage band” by Time Out Magazine, and “what Queens Of The Stone Age would sound like if they ditched the guitars and started playing dirty sounding organs” by Loud Loop Press. We feature four...
  • 25 July 2016: As a composer , producer ,vocalist and multi -instrumentalist Brett Basil has over 30 years in the music scene, and with no less than 3 new CD’S in the works- Brett Basil has indeed established himself as a well versed musician, singer and songwriter throughout the US, Canada and the UK. With solo CD’S “MELT”...
  • 22 July 2016: BRN welcomes singer/songwriter Lionel Lodge to our broadcast with his 12th album “Human Heart” – a rich blend of blues, rock, country, reggae, zydeco and other influences. BRN presents four tracks all this month. Request from our main site at!
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Jeff Gutman
“Run To You”
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Martin Swinger
“Teddy Bear’s Lullaby”
Buy this CD now! Artist homepage Bear Naked


Brett Basil
“It Should Be A Crime”
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Void Of Axis
“The Road of Uncertainty”
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