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Jaego Defendi
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  • 30 October 2014: BearPodcast Thurs/10pm (est/pst): Nard came from California to visit family and met with friends Bill, Yang and their toddler, Ming. Ray went to a Halloween party. He also went to Dallas. We talked about Kevin Smith losing his beard, Batman being gay, and upcoming Marvel movies. Check out Mikey Hope’s article at 13 Stories Til...
  • 18 October 2014: Bear Radio welcomes Birds Over Arkansas to the playlist with their EP “Behind The Lights”. Their music infuses heartfelt lyrics, infectious melodies, and complex rhythmic structures to create compelling and moving songs that are the antithesis of today’s manufactured pop music.
  • 9 October 2014: Thursday: Bearpodcast dedicates this episode to the memory of Doug Pritchard. Nard and Ray went to the Greek Festival. They discussed about rice queens and their different kinds. They also talked about Harry Potter, Twin Peaks, a Star Trek marriage proposal, and laboratory-grown penises. 10pm (est/pst) on
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Ron Mesa
“Stop It, That’s Fabulous!”
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Dropmore Scarlet
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D.C. Anderson
“The Danger and the Din”
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Charles K. Brown
“The Hurtin’ Kind (Radio Edit)”
Buy this CD now! Artist homepage Blue Love – The 80s