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Matthew Temple
“Written On The Rails”
The Journey
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  • 27 June 2017: Chris Bromage sent over three tracks from his upcoming album from End of Empire – “Man in a Minor Chord” which is due out on July 9th. Recorded at Turtle Recording Studio Vancouver over the winter of 2016 / 17 it is a reflection on Trump, Brexit, love and the insanity of the modern world…....
  • 24 June 2017: BRN welcomes Trustee Savings Bank to the playlist with three of their singles. Trustee Savings Bank are a 3 piece alternative indie rock band from South Florida.The members include Jesse Balber Lead vocals & lead guitar, Michael Martin N’Dong backing vocals & bass guitar & Thiago Medaljon on drums.They write & perform their own original...
  • 19 June 2017: BRN welcomes Vin Ryan to the playlist with his EP “Blue”. Los Angeles based, Vin is an Indonesian Pop and EDM singer-songwriter who wants to promote humanity through music and art. He is breaking music disparity barrier by his unique take on pop culture through a classical perspective.
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Tommy Johns

“Disappearing Day”
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Corey TuT

“Pretty Little Liar”
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“Meet Me in the Waves”
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Keyth Lawrence and the Purple Circle

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