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“Casual Speed”
Between the Lines
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  • 4 October 2015: BRN’s Birthday Celebration continues as we debut new music from the dreamy/60’s sound of Caterpillar, acclaimed English actress/composer Nicole Magdalena and blues guitarist Johnny Searfoss.
  • 30 September 2015: Bear Radio celebrates 12 years of indie music during our birthday month with new music from Anilore, bobby blue, Laura Berman, Mitchell Thomas, Ron Witman and others. So don’t miss the NEW MUSIC all this month!!
  • 24 September 2015: Tonight at 10pm (est &pst) on BearPodcast… Ray went to Dallas for the weekend. Nard went to Paul and Young’s last pool party for the summer. They talked about why straight men have sex with each other, Asian-American Hulk, why we will keep our belly, Rinse and Repeat shower game, men who grow their penis...
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Andrew Preston
“The Overthere Chair”
Buy this CD now! Artist homepage The Happiness Moon


Eli Conley
“I Found You”
Buy this CD now! Artist homepage At The Seams


“I Keep On Walking”
Buy this CD now! Artist homepage I Keep On Walking (ep)


Houston Bernard
“Shake The House”
Buy this CD now! Artist homepage See The World