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Jeffrey Altergott
“‘Til Tomorrow Comes”
Don’t Be a Stranger
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  • 27 November 2014: It is hard to believe that “So Sugar” is Luke Potter’s debut CD. Potter has mastered the pop genre with inspired writing, clever hooks, brilliant vocals – wrapped in a well produced experience. Selected tracks premiere on Bear Radio all this month … request at
  • 27 November 2014: Happy Thanksgiving! Tonight at 10pm (est & pst) on BearPodcast … Nard went to the Texas Renaissance Festival. Ray got some feedback about the Chumley Cruise. They talked about PrEP, country artists coming out as gay, Ass Hunter on Android, and an update on the Gay Bull. on
  • 22 November 2014: Bear Radio welcomes Boise, Idaho’s Audio Moonshine. Their music is essentially rock & roll, with a nod to our favorite elements of 70’s classic rock, 90’s alternative rock, and country/americana music. Selected tracks from their CD “The Speakeasy Sessions” premiere this month.
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The Sun Country Singers
“All Around You”
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Robert German
“Marlboro Man”
Buy this CD now! Artist homepage Sirens of Brooklyn


Tym Moss
“Happy Happy Holiday”
Buy this CD now! Artist homepage Girl, A Lopsided Tree Won’t Ruin Christmas


Vinyl Closet
“When Santa Went To Soho”
Buy this CD now! Artist homepage When Santa went to Soho (ep)