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“You gotta laugh”
You gotta laugh
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  • 6 December 2016: Bear Radio Network welcomes Buffalo’s Serendipity Swing to the playlist. Serendipity Swing, “A Little Big Band,” is an eight-musician classic swing ensemble with vocalist Kim Piazza. While in the WBBZ-TV studio the band performed a few classic holiday tunes and are featured this month.
  • 28 November 2016: BRN welcomes Pat Kreisl (Milnesville, Pennsylvania) to the playlist with his latest CD “Tell Me Tell Me” for Blue Pie Records Australia. This is a solo effort that Pat played everything from the first kick drum beat to the last backing vocal along with all producing and engineering. Selected tracks premiere all this month.
  • 24 November 2016: Bear Radio wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! In celebration we present Steven Gellman’s “Hearth and Home” from this new album around the top of every hour.
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