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“Baby Welcome Home”
I Just Love Girls (EP)
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  • 24 August 2016: BRN welcomes singer/songwriter Jay Brown with his single “Orlando”, a song Jay wrote for the victims in Orlando, and victims of gun violence everywhere.
  • 12 August 2016: Jesse Randolph from The Kerosene Letter just sent over his new track “Asleep in the Fire”, a powerful rock guitar ballade that give us a look at depth and vocal prowess of TKL. The track premieres all this month and can be requested at
  • 2 August 2016: The Mutts just sent over their new single “Let’s Go” featuring Archie Powell … now premiering all this month, request at!
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Dr. Superstar
“They Lookin'”
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“Casual Speed”
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Jaego Defendi
“I Can See The Light”
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Steve Reeder
“Right To Be”
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