Bear Radio Network – a webcast network, is looking for submissions from artists in the LGBTQ nation and those musicians who are gay friendly. The goal of BRN is to include a diverse selection of quality music to our listeners. Independent artists with quality demos are welcomed! We can accept music CDs, CDRs, CDRWs, & MP3s 192kbps/44,100khz 0r higher.

The network, based out of Buffalo NY, uses a Shoutcast Server streaming in the mp3 and aac+ formats. With your submission to the Bear Radio Network (BRN), you signify your agreement to the Bear Radio Network’s Artist Submission / Terms of Service form. If you do not agree to any of these terms, please do not submit your music for consideration.

This acknowledgement form (the last page of this document) needs to be filled out by everyone. If this is your first time filling it out include all materials, old and new, on Bear Radio that you are giving us permission to use. You are required to send this for even if you send us your materials electronically. Be sure that you have the authority to give us these performance rights for materials you did not write by yourself, especially covers published by someone else.

For more information send an email to Joe Maulucci

You can also send submissions with a press kit and acknowledgement form to:

Bear Radio Network
Attn: Joe Maulucci
139 Leonard Post Drive
Buffalo, New York 14211-2807

You must agree to the Bear Radio Network “Terms of Service Acknowledgement” and return the form giving us your permission to play your music. No materials will be returned and submissions will be considered based on how they blend with the station’s eclectic/mixed format, production quality, and lyric content.