New Artists: Onism E

BRN welcomes Onism E to the playlist! With front woman Eline Chave, guitarist Chris ‘Lefty’ Vargas, bass player Chris ‘CeeRod’ Rodriguez, and drummer ‘Raj’ – Onism E is a culmination of life experiences wrapped up in a soulful package that is carving a unique space within the indie rock world. Bear Radio premieres four singles all this month, including their latest “Survivors”.

New Artists

Bear Radio welcomes these new artists to the playlist … Frank Trousdell, Rogov, Now Defunkt and Natasha Remi. New tracks are being featured all this month! Request them now at

New Artist: Xploding Frogs

Bear Radio Network welcomes Xploding Frogs to the playlist with their debut single “Hold on Darling”, music produced by Arty Skye for Skyelab Music Group with Lyrics written by Jon Gerow.

New Artist: Madame Z

Bear Radio welcomes Madame Z to the playlist with her debut album “Down the Rabbit Hole”. “Madame Z has a beautiful sound with a one-of-a-kind vocal flow, and it is apparent that she sings from the heart. This talented artist is deeply connected with her material, and as a result, you can really tell how much excellent work went into bringing her songs from an idea, to a fully-finished track that has a special feel and tone.” –The Bandcamp Diaries

New Artist: Baywud

BRN welcomes Baywud (pronounced bay-wood), a L.A. based indie artist, musician, and songwriter, to the playlist with two tracks. “Hold On To Me” was written with Rune Westberg, the song was initially inspired by a friend of Baywud who had lost her mother in a car accident. It was written for anyone feeling lost or broken and knowing it’s okay to reach out for help in times of struggle. The latest single “(We don’t have to ) Walk Alone” came at a time we can all use uplifting messages of hope. It was written remotely with Westberg during the pandemic and reflects on the current state of the world; a world divided by race, religion, and politics. It is about uniting, putting our differences aside, and learning to love each other despite our many egos.

New Artist: Dizzy Box Nine

Bear Radio welcomes Dizzy Box Nine to the playlist with their CD “Faster Than Anticipation”. Dizzy Box Nine is an indie-alt-rock band out of Southern California, with a pop style that has been described as “instantly catchy,” “well-written,” and “memorable.” BRN features five tracks all this month and remember to

New Music July

This month’s new music includes tracks from Nes Cora, Doug Hafford, Mathew Horton, Clark Ford, Silent Stranger, Clide, Paul Louis Vallani, Glen Foster, Rene Miller, Hugh Meadows and Mack Meadows.

New Music: Junk – The Musical

This month BRN features selected tracks from Junk – The Musical (Original Movie Soundtrack). Screenplay and Directed by Michael Penny, Junk stars Tym Moss and Robbie Wayne and is about two gay flea market dealers who are offered the contents of a recently deceased individual’s dilapidated house and find nothing of value but a massive stash of ghostly vintage porn. As they sort through it they not only learn about the deceased individual but uncover a few things about themselves as well.