New Artists: Dazed N’ Confused

BRN welcomes Brisbane based Rock N’ Roll band, Dazed N’ Confused with their first single “Cigarettes, Cheap wine and Rock N’ Roll”. This one is filled with admissible life lyrics, solid rock riffs and crazy drums. Request their track at

New Artist: Seth Power

BRN welcomes the soulful-pop sound of Seth Power to the playlist with his EP “Magnolia Soul”. His intimacy with the mic draws you into a blush with the inspired track “Fire”. With catchy lyrics and classic riffs you’ll be hitting up the requests at!

New Artist: no reception.

Bear Radio Network welcomes to the playlist, no reception. Fronted by singer/songwriter Claire Julian, this one woman pop punk band aspires to represent queer women through her lyrics. From her debut album Restless Heart, BRN premieres the single “She Wants Me”, as well as her latest single release “Moon Girl”.


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New Artist: Only in the Mornings

BRN welcomes Only in the Mornings with the first single from the new album “Saudade” — Unfeeling. The song is haunting, the orchestrating is breathtaking, painting a story that will pull you in. Unfeeling premieres all this month. Request at

New Artist: Everpresent

BRN welcomes Everpresent to the playlist with three tracks including “Dreamstate”, the first track and video from the forthcoming “Parallax” album to be released in the Fall of 2017. Everpresent is an interesting evolution of musical experimentation combined with a certain degree of commercial appeal, diving into the dance floor, psychological reflection, and sensual energy.

New Artist: Jeremy James and the Villaineers

Bear Radio welcomes the Albany, NY band, Jeremy James and the Villaineers with their album “The High Road” to the playlist. Front man, Jeremy James is “a hallmark of songwriting talent (CE Skidmore, Glens Falls Post Star)” and “the real deal (Alan Bennett Ilagan,” The High Road is an indie folk/rock project, and BRN premieres four tracks all this month.

New Artist: Kanude

Bear Radio welcomes Kanude to the playlist with his album “Colors”. Releasing music under the moniker of Kanude, Chris Knudson is a songwriter, composer, musician, producer, and engineer from Northern California. BRN selected four tracks from the rock vibe Colors to premiere all this month.

New Artist: Kolade Olamide Ayodeji

Bear Radio Network welcomes multi genre songwriter Kolade Olamide Ayodeji to the playlist with his latest studio endeavor ‘Hit List’. The eclectic new collection of songs includes wonderful brand new tracks that span an array of genres, primarily electronic, pop and dance. Catch 5 tracks premiering all this month.

New Artist: The Human Project

Bear Radio welcomes The Human Project with their single “Fast Train” from the 2017 CD “Humanize”. With infectious beats and witty lyrics, “The Human” has slowly begun to catch on with fans all over the world. Don’t miss his fist track premiering all this month.