New Music: bobby blue the balladeer

New Music from bobby blue the balladeer… inspired by his Costa Rican / American heritage and by artists like Patsy Cline, Pedro Infante, & Marty Robbins or more currently Calexico crossed with Pink Martini, bobby blue the balladeer and his 5 piece acoustic band plays romantic Country Western & Mexican Ranchera music from 1920s – 50s. His latest album, “the balladeer” contains overhauled makeovers of classic songs including one Ranchera from 1940 in Spanish and a flipped out Folklorico cover of a classic Madonna song from 1986. BRN presents the classic “Mexicali Rose” and a new version of bobby’s “(you’ve got to) Go” …

New Music from Dan Schaefer

Dan Schaefer’s “Plan” is a concept album documenting one man’s journey from the wrong life to the right one. The songs were composed during the final year of an epic battle between two possible futures, then recorded in a one-week explosion of victory once the war was won. Five tracks premiere all this month.

New Artist: Salty Moses

Salty Moses has released a single on Climate Change called “Borrowed Time: A Climate Change Prophecy”. Singer/songwriter Del Nord writes “I wrote the song in an effort to bring about wider recognition of the Climate Change issue in the U.S. – where we are encountering an abundance of extreme weather events.”

New Music from Ralph Pezzullo

Multi-talented Ralph Pezzullo sent over two new tracks, “Every Moment” and “Just a Boy”. “Just a Boy is one of the most stunning compositions of music I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. The vocal arrangements are built so carefully around Ralph Pezzullo’s voice, giving his sound structure alongside tonal variation to ensure the teeth of the song get a firm grasp of your emotions.” —

New Artist: Earnest Williams

BRN welcomes American R&B artist Earnest Williams with two singles, “I Knew” and “Waiting for You”. Williams grew up with a passion and love for singing and writing music. Influenced by various artists such as Keith Sweat, Charlie Wilson, Al Green and Prince, Williams is working hard to prove himself as an artist committed to fulfill his dream.

New Artist: Lisa Panagos

BRN welcomes Lisa Panagos with her R&B single “Mind’s Eye”! Her Internationally and Globally recognized hit single ‘Mind’s Eye’ has earned her many awards and reached #1 on the charts; Power FM Global Radio Network, KSRL Radio and its affiliate network stations.

New Artist: Animus Numinous

BRN welcomes Animus Numinous to the evening playlist with their track “The Reckoning”. A blend of electronic and progressive rock with amazing guitar work that the band classified as ProgTronic. The track premieres all this month.

New Artist: Shane Martin

BRN welcomes Shane Martin to the playlist with his 4th CD “Keepin’ The Night Alive”. The album is book ended with two solid high energy country rock anthems. “Keepin’ The Night Alive” and Nobody’s Getting’ Outa Here Alive”. In between Martin takes the listener on a musical ride with the infectious heavy groove of She’s Got Swagger, and the latest single “Hankerin and Jonesin” is a power waltz love song tipping the country hat to Hank Williams and George Jones while the soaring melody of “Passenger Seat” reflects on something bigger than you guiding life’s journey. All four tracks premiere all this month on Bear Radio …

New Artist: Alicia Champion

BRN welcomes Alicia Champion to the playlist with her singles “My Super Girl” and “Bi”. Alicia is a music industry veteran who’s made her name as an indie record producer and festival promoter. “My Super Girl”, is an emotional acoustic ballad that explodes into cinematic rock. “Alicia rocks. Discover her yourself.” – Melissa Etheridge HuffPost said of “Bi”, it’s “the bisexual rock anthem you didn’t know you needed.” Both tracks premiere all this month.