New Artist: Cathy Varna

BRN welcomes from the south of France, Cathy Varna to the playlist. Cathy is an amazing multi talented performer with a vocal timbre and a recognizable vocal identity. “Mister DJ” and “Partir” premier all this month!

New Artists: Cabela and Schmitt

BRN welcomes instrumentalists Cabela and Schmitt to Sunday Brunch. Cabela and Schmitt are a trio of friends who have been collaborating for over 40 years. They come from the heart of the United States and humble beginnings, where hard work and perseverance is just a way of life. BRN presents four tracks from four selected CDs in their catalog premiering all this month.

New Music from Mot & Krid

Mot & Krid just sent over their new single “Unbreakable” featuring Redd Carter. Unbreakable is about seeing possible in the impossible. Possibility of being better. Of having better. Of treating yourself better. Even when the world is falling down – you don’t have to break with everything else. The single premieres all this month. 

New Artist: FrodoCPU

Bear Radio welcomes FrodoCPU and his new release “Third”. Frode Holm has been writing music since the 70s. Frode has delivered a collection of eclectic songs that will tug on your emotions. The songs run the gamut from alt-rock to ballads to classical to EDM and beyond. Recorded in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Oslo, “Third” features world-class performers from all those cities. Four selected tracks premiere on BRN all this month.

New Artist: El Gato Robato

Bear Radio welcomes the band from Chicago with a nostalgia twist El Gato Roboto and their debut album “Heavy Petting”. This hip-cat has pop beats that reminds one of a Go-Go’s – 60’s vibe … you got to just get up and shake your thang. Four selected tracks premier all month!

New Music: Natalie Jean

Natalie Jean sent over her latest single: What Would You Do For Love? This song asks the listener to think about what they would sacrifice in the name of love.

“It’s not about trying to change somebody’s mind, but give them a new perspective. This song is about the sacrifices we would make for our loved ones. Would you be able to watch your loved one suffer, knowing you would be able to do something about it, and possibly making the ultimate sacrifice? This is not about changing someone’s opinion, but asking you to take the time and think about the subject.”

Natalie Jean

New Artists: Undecided Future

BRN welcomes Undecided Future to the playlist with their EP “JUGO”. Winners of the 2019 Young Entertainers Award, Undecided Future, is a funk-driven Pop band with elements of Hip Hop and R&B. Selected tracks premiere all this month and as always you can go to!

New Artist: Mayssa

Bear Radio welcomes American Lebanese singer Mayssa Karaa to the playlist with her new single “In The Grey”. Mayssa musical message is about empowerment and overcoming adversity, she infuses middle eastern influences into modern global pop, melding an inspiring, unique, creative blend. Request her single at