New Music: Uncle Ben’s Remedy: The Things That Bring You Back

BRN Kicks off December’s New Releases with Uncle Ben’s Remedy and their sophomore album “The Things That Bring You Back”. 13 tracks that veer off down a path where Outlaws smoke, drink, tell tall tales and long for home. Normally BRN would pick 3 tracks from a release to premiere, but we settled on 7 for this month and that was not easy.

“With a voice that’s equal parts Merle Haggard and Dr. Teeth, lead singer Ben Westlund delivers his acerbic lyrics with spit and fury. Ben and the Remedy Boys shatter the niceties of radio friendly pop country. Their brand of outlaw country doesn’t feature learning from or regret for past mistakes.” -Brian Rock / TJ Music

New Artist: Mot & Krid

BRN welcomes electronica artist, songwriter, remixer and producer Mot & Krid to the playlist with their hot single “Don’t Waste My Time” featuring Redd Carter. “Don’t Waste My Time”, is a sort of retro-pop song, with sax and vocal hook that won’t leave your head for months. With singer/songwriter Redd Carter, Mot & Krid’s song will be perfect soundtrack, to carry you from summer into autumn and autumn into winter. Premiering all this month on BearRadio …

New Artist: Jerad Finck

Jerad Finck has been playing music his whole life. Since releasing his self-titled debut album, produced by John Seymour in 2009, he’s been on the road practically non-stop, opening for and/or touring with Daughtry, Christina Perri, Edwin McCain, Sister Hazel, DADA, Vertical Horizon, Parachute, One EskimO, Ingrid Michaelson, Matt Hires, Red Wanting Blue, Ron Pope, Cracker, Ingram Hill, Tony Lucca and many others. BRN welcomes Jerad with his new release “New Kids”, his latest collaboration with writer producer Denny White (The Fray, Tiesto, Usher). Finck will be releasing this track in support of Anti Gun Violence charity

New Artist: AM

Bear Radio welcomes multi-genre singer songwriter AM (aka Aaron McMahon) with his single “Quicksand”, which premieres all this month. Have played varies venues throughout the South East and Colorado most of his musical career, AM now resides in North Augusta, South Carolina.

New Artist: Mark Rogers

BRN welcomes singer/songwriter Mark Rogers to the playlist with his second EP “Qualifiers”, representing his very best work to date.

“I can firmly proclaim Mark Rogers to be one of the artists to watch in this burgeoning folk/rock revival, and his new album Qualifiers a must listen for anyone who is interested in seeing a blueprint of this new scene.” – The Indie Source, June 2018

Bear Radio premieres four tracks from Mark’s EP all this month.

New Artists: The Need

The Need was a pop/rock original group from the 1990’s in Buffalo, N.Y. Featuring Sue Kincaid (vocals), George Puleo (guitar), John Caruso (bass) and Jim Linsner (drums) – their most memorable work was entitled “Wish” and was produced by Armand Petri (Goo Goo Dolls and 10,000 Maniacs). BRN is please to premiere four tracks for that work all this month.

New Music: The Como Brothers

The Como Brothers just sent over their new heartfelt pop single “First Time”. The song is an ode to unconditional love and the first time one experiences that with another. The track premieres all this month and can be requested at

New Artist: Keith Egan

BRN welcomes Keith Egan to the playlist with his single, “Summer Love”. Within the deep roots of classic rock history that lays in the Jersey Shore, Asbury Park Recording Artist, Keith Egan brings a new tone. Keith Egan was playing guitar and singing from only 7 years old, “Summer Love” also holds significance by being the first song he is releasing with Producer, MaYayO, (a.k.a Matt Menges) under the independent Telegraph Hill Records.

New Artists: ONE9ONE

Bear Radio welcomes ONE9ONE to the playlist with their single “Liar, Liar”. ONE9ONE is a pop rap duo born in the diamond of the desert Las Vegas, NV. ONE9ONE blends meaningful lyrics with upbeat fun vibes to create something new and unique. Their outgoing and friendly nature allows them to connect with people from across the globe. “Liar, Liar” premiers all this month …

New Artist: G Hinriksson

BRN welcomes G Hinriksson with his single “This is My Life”. G Hinriksson is an Icelandic former football referee. He was a FIFA listed referee from 2004 to 2009. He was named the Úrvalsdeild karla Referee of the Year in 2004, 2006 and 2007. G retired from refereeing in May 2016. Shortly after, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. This song, “This is My Life”, is about the disease.